I have always found great joy in giving my time and assistance to those who are in need since I can remember. During the summer of 2015, while volunteering at the Youth Summit, I had a chance encounter with a homeless man that has been life changing. As I was distributing goods for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, this man confessed that he had to make a single roll of toilet paper last for one month. It’s the kind of thing that most of us probably take for granted. Going to the bathroom is something we don’t give much thought to. If we need to go, we just go.

Inspired by his story, I founded the nonprofit, Love Rolls, Inc. with the aim to provide toilet paper to the homeless community of Atlanta and eventually all over the world. 

Starting with family and friends, word spread about our efforts and donations poured in from large corporations, local businesses, civic organizations, and even individuals from Japan and the Bahamas. The continued generosity and support that has been received highlights the importance of paying it forward. It shows how one person, one idea, and one movement can have a tremendous impact. If nothing else, it’s proof there’s no way to contain love. It just keeps on giving.

To this day, we have distributed over to 150,000 Love Rolls to homeless individuals, to people in need and to those impacted by natural disasters.